We're back

We're back

After 10 months, we're back – with a new website, a new look, and a new theme.

A few major changes:

We have a new website – be nosy, take a look around!

We no longer publish issues using Joomag. Each issue will now be published on our website. Design is still important to us, so we will carry on publishing bespoke illustrations and photography and making everything beautiful. Each issue will still be themed.

We publish two issues a year, instead of four. They'll be bigger and bolder than ever before, with lengthier stories, poems and essays.

We will publish an issue across one month, rather than in one hit. We want each contributor to have their moment. It means we can focus more on you, too! (Don't forget to follow us on Twitter.)

Our submission time is longer. We'll open for submissions for a month or so, but we'll announce the theme beforehand, giving you more time to prep. The joy of becoming bi-annual!

We have a new look. We’ve been working with artist Zijie Mok, who previously illustrated our Special Poetry Issue, to try and encapsulate the essence of synaesthesia. We are so excited to unveil the new logos – which you'll see across our website and social media pages – as an expression of the synaesthetic, explosive side of you, which we believe everyone has. The brain symbolises all the senses: taste, touch, smell, sight and sound.

We pay contributors. We only pay £5 per contributor, per issue, but it’s something, and it’s a way for us to show our contributors how much we value their work. Think of it as us buying you a very expensive beer in the city, or a beer and a hot dog, or a book. We still don’t make any money, so if you do want to donate (anything) because you enjoyed reading an issue, we'll open up a tip jar category on Submittable soon.

Unfortunately, we still don't have the funding or resources to be available in print. First thing was first: we wanted to create a better reading experience online. It's where we started, and it's where we saw room for improvement. We’re hoping it’s something to consider again in the future – unless we come up with a better idea.

You can still find all our old issues in our archive. Also, we’re still the same team! Annabelle, Carlotta and Caroline have had a very productive/relaxing 10 months, and we’re ready to get our hands dirty again.

If you have any questions, concerns, or you just want to say hello, tweet us @SynaesthesiaMag or email synaesthesiamagazine@gmail.com. For now, we are SO happy and excited to announce that submissions are open for our next issue, and we have a new theme: BODY&SEX.

UPDATE: We are now closed for submissions. Our BODY&SEX issue lands March 2017.


Illustration by Zijie Mok