Winners of the 2018 Flash Fiction Contest

Winners of the 2018 Flash Fiction Contest

The waiting is over - our three winners of the 2018 Synaesthesia Magazine Flash Fiction Contest have been chosen by judge, Lara Williams. We want to thank our winners, our runners up, and everyone else who submitted for making this contest possible. A special thanks to Lara, of course, for giving these wonderful submissions such a considered and thoughtful read.

The winners will be published in our 20th Issue, Short Shorts, so look out for their flash fiction then. In the meantime, expect to see author interviews on the way, and be sure to congratulate our finalists.

1st Place

So Many People - Tania Hershman

Lara: “I thought it was such a sharp, convincing, inventive story - filled with pathos - with such a pleasing rhythm and pace.”

2nd Place

A famous scandal at work - Conor Houghton

Lara: “Vivid, strange, bittersweet - and very affecting, with such rich imagery.”

3rd Place

Lambs - Melissa Goode

Lara: “Dislocating and yet familiar, polished and considered, and deeply atmospheric.”

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Runners Up

Forever on the hips - Kate Finegan
”Nimble and compassionate, and very funny.”

Bittersweet - Grace Brown
“Uncanny, warm and affecting.”

No Bones - Sandra Haurant
“Bold, surreal and lyrical.”