Pushcart and Best Microfiction 2018

Pushcart and Best Microfiction 2018

We love this time of year: mince pies, warm mulled somethings, rich gravy. We also like it because we get to nominate our contributors’ work from the last year for prizes and anthologies.

Break out the glitter… it’s time to re-read our nominations for the Pushcart Prize and Best Microfiction 2018:

Pushcart Prize 2018

Princesses by Xenia Taiga (Fiction, SHORT SHORTS)
The Way Things Are by Kyra Kondis (Fiction, YOU, ME)
in absentia by Quinn Lui (Poetry, YOU, ME)
The Things I’ve Sold On Craigslist by Ashley Stimpson (Nonfiction, SHORT SHORTS)
When A Wiggly-Monster Was My World by David Olimpio (Nonfiction, SHORT SHORTS)

Best Microfiction 2018:

Princesses by Xenia Taiga (SHORT SHORTS)
If I Could Tell You by Sabrina Hicks (SHORT SHORTS)
Vines Along His Ribs by Noa Sivan (SHORT SHORTS)
The End of the World by Noa Sivan (SHORT SHORTS)
Tsunami by Noa Sivan (SHORT SHORTS)

Check out our Best of the Net 2018 nominations from earlier this year, too!

Wishing all our writers the best of luck, including all our contributors from this year. Big fat love to you all. Here’s to 2019, a new year with new stories and future successes.

Photo: Jason Leung