Featured Artist: Nour Tahomy

Each month, we speak to a different artist about their work, life and inspirations. Here, to chat to regular contributor Nour Tahomy about her style and craft, and a beating love for making art

How and why did you start illustrating?

As a child, I loved art, of course, but it started becoming a little more defined during my last year of high school exams. I guess the stress triggered the need to express, and then became more of a habit. You start to realise there is so much in you that needs to come out – it does not matter how or when, as long as you honour that necessity.

How would you describe your artwork?

I would call it a little shy, definitely feminine and a lot of the time simply vulnerable. 


You often produce a set of works that have a theme or are connected in some way, why do you decide to do this?

Honestly, most of the series that I do are not really planned! Sometimes artworks need like a sibling or something – they expressed it right, but there's another way to say it.

Your pieces are mostly black and white at the moment, why is this?

Again, a lot of the whys are still a mystery, even to me. But I enjoy the honesty of black and white, and all the grey in between. I also feel that there is more elasticity when attempting to create conceptual art – the monochrome sort of levels out the world, brings it all onto one stage. 

What do you like drawing most?

The things that I find most excruciating, but oddly satisfying! Hair, water, horses, and anything with mist.

Who or what inspires you?

Anything, everything! Science, poetry, nature, strangers on the train, clouds, travelling … inspiration is everywhere in everything, daring you to notice her. 

What are your favourite pieces that you created?

My very first few artworks! Sometimes I wish I could make art like that again, without any knowledge of anything. I try to tap into that blissful ignorance every now and then. A few of my recent pieces have been very honest as well, so those too haha.


What projects are you working on right now?

Right now, I am working on some book covers as well as my art book. I also have a store out soon with a publisher (777). Since it is a part-time thing, I’m still collecting ideas for more projects – perhaps a solo exhibition? Who knows where my art will take me!

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 14.25.13.png

What is your dream with your art? Where would you like to see it one day?

At the end of the day, when the hype of the exhibition is over, and dust collects on the frames and books, it will just be me and my work. The dream would is to be utterly at peace with all the truths it revealed, not to see myself it in at all, and disappear behind it.

If your art was music, what type/song would it be?

I like to think it would be something haunting like something Ruelle would put out. I’d leave that up to my audience. :)


Instagram: @sparksflyidraw

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