Featured Artist: Pride Nyasha Mapfumo

When we came across Pride's work, we fell in love with the hurricanes of bright colours against stark shapes and figures. Here, he explains his motivations, his views on social media as an artist, and what makes him paint. 

We simply adore your style. How would you describe it? Do you set out with a certain style in mind?

Thank you for the compliment! Well, I always say that it is really hard to describe my style because I am constantly exploring different techniques and mediums. I think the best answer to that question is that I am still figuring it out!

You often pair bright colours alongside dark and stark pieces. What do you like about the contrast? 

I think balance is always necessary, we would probably never see the light within ourselves if there weren’t any darkness present. I also feel the contrast definitely helps to create a better composition.

it isn't easy

it isn't easy

What inspires you? 

I am mostly inspired by the dynamic nature of love and relationships and how we react to both its inception and demise. I am also immensely inspired by music, the greatest art form in my opinion.

Why do you love to paint/draw? 

Honestly I’m compelled to, it’s a way for me to deal with my own experiences and also to express my sequestered thoughts; those are the main reasons. I think too much at times and art brings me peace.

You have series called FREE and LIES & ADDICTIONS and these seem to work beautifully on Instagram. Do you always work in series? 

I started working in series fairly recently. It’s a good way to organize my ideas, thoughts and experiences. It also removes me out of my comfort zone, allowing me to experiment with different styles and mediums.

What do you like about social media? 

It is perfect for getting exposure as a creative. I have been fortunate enough to connect with many people across the world through different platforms, Instagram being the main one.

she took the morning wave

she took the morning wave

Are you working on anything specific right now? 

I am working on three different collections, two of them in watercolor and the other in oils. I will be posting some of them in the near future. (I have never actually posted any of my oil paintings on social media; hopefully they are well-received haha.)

What do you want to achieve in the future?

I hope to keep painting stories that people resonate with. As much as I paint for myself, I feel much happier knowing that people found a piece of themselves in my work. I had my first public group exhibition two weeks ago and I was humbled by the response; it went really well, more than I thought it would. Definitely looking forward to future exhibitions!

letting you go

letting you go

Pride Nyasha Mapfumo (1993) is a Zimbabwean male artist and expressionist painter whose work seeks to explore the emotions that arise from the dynamic nature of love and relationships. He received his degree in Applied Science (Architectural Studies) from Curtin University in 2016. A couple of months later, he launched himself as a freelance artist and designer. www.pridenyasha.com | Instagram: @pride_nyasha