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Welcome to a new era

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Welcome to a new era

Synaesthesia started very simply: with a word. The word became the name, and the name became the ethos: criss-crossing senses and telling stories with bite, grip and noise.

We’ve published themed issues since the beginning. We wanted writers and artists to respond to a word or concept in a multi-sensory exploration. We believed (and still believe) that sensual writing is the best kind of writing – and so it became our jam.

But this year we’re getting rid of themes – your virtual harness, if you like – and letting our writers and artists roam free. Take off that belt and let your belly out. Slip off your socks and feel the grass between your toes. We want to see the stories you have to tell – through poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, music – with no restrictions on themes or topics. Just tell it as it is.

We’re also starting monthly series – one short story, one poem and one essay each month, starting from March 2019. No more biannual themed issues, just sensual treats all year round.

We might still use themes for our print issues (more on that later this year) but for now we’re letting go. It’s weird for us – we’ve had themes since 2013, 20 to be exact – but we’re dying for you to blow us away and show us the world untethered. Wild and free.

Thanks for sticking around all these years, and if you’re new to Synaesthesia, we hope you enjoy the ride.

Submit to our new monthly series here.

Annabelle, Carlotta, Caroline, Kaz and Hana

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