Home: Editors' Note

Home: Editors' Note

Home is a bright morning, coffee mist, the sun stretching across the porch. Home remembers your birthday. It tells you to move on, to come back. Home reminds you what you want, what you wanted, what you lost.

In this issue, home is a sonogram picture. It's vegan food with your best friend. It's not pulling the trigger. It's laughing at boys with your girls. It's trying, trying to remember. It's spilling everything you have at the dinner table, watching your flesh sizzle and fry in front of you.

In a time where belonging to more than one place is easier than just one, HOME examines the very thing that makes us feel like we belong. In these stories, poems and photo essays, writers interpret the theme in unexpected ways: with a dash of humour, a pinch of sorrow, a cup of longing.

Across the next few weeks, writers, musicians, photographers and artists will show us a different side to the meaning of 'home', some quiet, some loud – all of them powerful.

Thank you for reading, enjoy this issue, and share what you love!

With love,
Annabelle, Carlotta and Caroline

P.S. Listen to our Spotify playlist HOME while you read this issue, with new songs chosen by our contributors

Photo by   Manu Franco

Photo by Manu Franco