Call for submissions

Call for submissions

Welcome to 2018! With a new year comes a new theme, and this time it's YOU, ME.

What is YOU, ME we hear you ask? Read our blurb to get inspired. This theme is all about two people – any two people, you, me. It's about relationships between families, lovers, neighbours, colleagues, enemies. It doesn't have to be written in second person like we've done, and it can be as loosely interpreted as you like. We tend to find most stories are written about relationships anyway, so we want to focus on that, on one of the most important aspects of our lives.

We've updated our guidelines, so please ensure you read these before submitting. The biggest change is that, this year, we can no longer pay contributors. We explain more on our guidelines page. Who knows what will happen later this year? But for now, we've had to make this change in order to survive as a literary magazine (and people). It's a tough old world out there and we're holding onto our dinghies.

We are open for submissions until 31 January 2018.** Read our archive to get a sense of what we like – above all, we like weird and wonderful, writing that use the senses. If you are an artist who would like to get involved in this issue, email us at Otherwise, we look forward to reading your gorgeous submissions on Submittable!

Give us something loud and juicy to read.

**UPDATE 16/01/18: We will now be closing on 24 January 2018, as we've been inundated with all your gorgeous submissions. To find out more, visit our SUBMIT page.

Photo by Mike Petrucci