I eat the earth

Here I hold the world, a globe

of fruit in my hand. I lick

the sulfur-salty peel, the roads and regencies

we mo(u)ld here.

And plugging my finger

in a volcano, I strip

the rind away, scooping dirt

beneath my nails,

uncovering the red pulp

of magma, citrus and ripe

I tear into

the flesh of it, lava

burning ruby down my chin

my mouth swimming with

delirious spice, and I

claim my animal tongue



Bael is an artist from the North East of the UK, whose work translates an often haunting, yet beautiful visualisation of the human form. After solo shows and group exhibitions across the UK and Europe, his work has found its own place and has a dedicated, international following. @bael_art

Aimee Lowenstern is a twenty year old writer with who lives in Nevada. She writes poetry and fiction, has cerebral palsy, and is a big fan of glitter.