Three micros

Vines Along His Ribs

A man inhales a jasmine seed, and a flower grows inside his lung. Women sniff around him at the supermarket. The sweet smell dominates his summer nights. The plant vines along his ribs and shoulders; branching out of his ears and mouth. He's never been so beautiful.

The End of The World

They meet on a hookup app. He sends her the same question he asks everyone else: "The world's ending tomorrow and only you know. Do you share this knowledge or keep it to yourself to prevent chaos?"

And she answers: "So you know, too."


A woman swims in the sea. Tiny fish bite her ankles. She has to remember this moment: salt stretching her skin, undercurrent pulling her inwards. She hears the tsunami before she sees the wave. It sounds like the slow-belching sink she’s been meaning to fix forever.

Art by Ludovica De Gaudenzi

Ludovica, aka troiscentdanses, is a 23-year-old Italian. She studies architecture in Brussels and has loved drawing since she was a kid. She started posting her art on Instagram about a year ago, which has now become a huge part of her life – as she says: ‘I get to do something I love and share it with people.’ Instagram @troiscentdanses |

Noa Sivan was born and raised in Israel and is currently living in Granada, Spain. She is a closet optimist and a dog-believer. Her small fiction appears in Jellyfish Review, Pidgeonholes, Monkeybicycle, Wigleaf and more.