Short Shorts: Editors' Note

Welcome to our 20th issue! In here you'll find Russian spies, princesses, one night stands, jasmine seeds, and, of course, short shorts.

This theme was fun. Over the years, we've realised what it is that we love most: we like things short and playful, something you weren't expecting. We like wanting more. Getting in and getting out. We like stories and poems and essays that your parents don't understand and that make us double-turn while it's walking down the street.

So it seemed only fitting to choose a theme that celebrated brevity and playfulness. SHORT SHORTS is all that and more.

We have more writers than ever before in this issue (20 to celebrate 20 issues), including the winners of our first ever Flash Fiction Contest 2018, judged by short story writer and journalist Lara Williams. We have new artists and bespoke art from emerging illustrators Nicola Robson and Robert James Russell.

We also, for the very first time, have a new team: Poetry Editor Bee Walsh, Assistant Editor Kathryne Gargano, and Reader Hana Qwfan, who tirelessly helped choose these submissions and prepare our biggest issue yet. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

As always, we’ll be publishing each piece in this issue across one month. So, without further ado, here is SHORT SHORTS: flash fiction, tiny poems and small essays, all showing off a little skin.

Annabelle, Carlotta and Caroline


Cover Art by Hannah Presdee

Hannah Presdee is a London based illustrator and graphic designer who specialises in whimsical, colourful, typographic designs. Instagram: @hannahpresdee |