Two poems

radiant afterstorm

the sun lit us up   I’d say



a lie


our house flushed out

by shingle, by sliver—


we sat in the bathtub    afloat in the yard


innards of—


the clouds over and over us    exhaled—

canning season

we followed the directions to a T,

crossed ourselves, crossed our fingers,


minding the fine margin



what keeps

and what rots.


even careful seals

are permeable


to winter’s creep—

the pipes, the beans,


tucked sheets around you

and me—


but the peaches keep.


your June birthday—

with as many jars as we could carry—


we flattened out on a rock

by the river,


we loosened the lids.


the sun was flush.

the syrup ran all over us,


dripped off our elbows,

your chin,

my throat—

we ate the whole afternoon.


Art by Ludovica De Gaudenzi

Ludovica, aka troiscentdanses, is a 23-year-old Italian. She studies architecture in Brussels and has loved drawing since she was a kid. She started posting her art on Instagram about a year ago, which has now become a huge part of her life – as she says: ‘I get to do something I love and share it with people.’ Instagram @troiscentdanses |

Leah Nieboer recently moved to Nashville, Tennessee, graduated from the Warren Wilson MFA Program for Writers, and received a VCCA fellowship. You can find her on Craigslist.