The Third Law


My coffee tastes like molasses and it is not a more

appropriate time to jump in front of a moving bus and yell,

“I think I’d like to date you!” I’d get hit, of course, but as

laws of physics state, I’d bring an equal force to our

collision, and the bus would fold up like a candy wrapper.

This is due to Newton’s third law of motion, provided I

was an unbreakable, static wall, which I am not. So the real

question is: How far do you think I’d be flung? And would

I survive the injuries?


Talking to you isn’t happiness. Talking to you is a relief, like

living just got a little bit easier. How can you expect me to

not feel the front bumper lodged into my ribcage, its

crumpled reflection like a sandy shore pulled by waves?

Fact: Isaac Newton is believed to have been an extremely

lonely and introverted guy. Fact: I don’t know the answer

to 1+1, if you are 1 and I am the other, or if you can even

add two un-imaginary numbers. Fact: The third law can be

argued. For example, I think, instead, that for every action,

there is either an equal or opposite reaction.

Esra Roise jpeg.jpg


Esra is a Norwegian freelance illustrator based in Oslo. She has been drawing since she was little, and has always loved the preciseness of the pencil and the unpredictability and possibilities of watercolor and ink. Esra has formal training from The Einar Granum School of Art, and a BA in Visual Communication from The Academy of The Arts in Oslo, Norway. Inspired by seemingly small unimportant everyday situations, and snapshot photography with their impulsiveness, bad cropping and weird angles, people around her, nature,music, the fashion industry and pop-culture in general. Follow her on Instagram: @esrarois |

MeeRee Orlandini is a writer and student at the University of the Arts. She currently lives in Philadelphia with her roommates and their foster cat named Bean Dip. Among peers, she is known for her hopeless romantic antics, being tired, and her short stories about food.