Two poems

double exposure

when the dawn light is stretched &

marbled & there’s nothing

but your face in repose,


i will slow – pull myself

like taffy & i will stop


making worry stones out of my

thumbs the way you want me to


& we will move in patterns,

ebb & flow, the way the tide


becomes a blueprint of itself,

like the way there is a blueprint

on the back of my eyelids


where all i can see are stars

bursting in colors & your

hands on mine on yours 

on mine




Our hands glacial / we split at sunrise / holding palms of

winter berries / plumming themselves to bruise / and when

we come across two bears / nestled in the woods / we will

each sing to them / until they wake in the sky / collect

themselves / into diamond / and sleep side by side until




Sreejith is an illustrator who works with both digital and traditional medium. Luckily, he found art as a kid and has never looked back since. Drawing inspiration from music and people, he specialises in portraits. His artworks, with their bold strokes and vivid colours, are a mix of the realistic and the abstract. Other than his art, he’s known for his sarcastic humour and love for biryani. Instagram: @sreejithpa

Mariel Fechik lives in Chicago, IL. She sings in the band Fay Ray and is a music writer for Atwood Magazine and Third Coast Review. She was recently chosen as a finalist for the Real Good Poem Prize from Rabbit Catastrophe Review. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Hobart, Rust + Moth, Gravel, Noble / Gas Qrtly, and others. Twitter: @marielfechik