We have a theme for each issue. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is ours, and we take it sweet with honey. All submissions must correspond to the current theme, although we are very open to loose interpretations. In fact, we are all about loose interpretations – if our theme is BLOOD, we want to see the word blood as little as possible. Find out about our current theme.


We accept up to three poems per theme. We like it simple, weird and wonderful – no men adoring women from afar, please. We want our poetry wild and free. We're partial to tongue-poetry.


We accept short stories up to 2,500 words. No more, although if you go 100/200 words over we won’t get mad. We're looking for flash fiction, too: any length. Unfortunately we do not accept chapter, book or novel excerpts. Please submit no more than one story per theme.


We accept creative nonfiction on the current theme, synaesthesia or the senses (or all three) up to 2,500 words. Again, we won’t get mad if you go over a little bit, but the shorter the better. No more than one nonfiction essay per theme.


All photo file sizes must be at least 1mb and high resolution .jpeg, .gif or .png files. Please submit no more than six photographs unless we ask to see more of your work.


All visual art file sizes must be at least 1mb and high resolution .jpeg, .gif or .png files. Please submit no more than six pieces of art unless we ask to see more of your work.


We welcome music! Please email us at synaesthesiamagazine@gmail.com if you wish to submit songs or compositions.



*PLEASE NOTE: We are closing early for our YOU, ME issue as we have been inundated with your gorgeous submissions. There are only 3 of us, and on top of jobs and families, closing a week earlier means that we can give our current submissions due care and attention. We will now be closing on 24 JANUARY 2018. We have also nearly reached free submission capacity on Submittable, so if you are unable to submit via our paid EXPEDITED category, please email your submission for free to synaesthesiamagazine@gmail.com and it will still count. Note that we will not be able to send emails to say that your submission has been received. Submissions received after 24 Jan 2018 will not be counted.*

We open for submissions twice a year. Submissions for our blog are always open – email synaesthesiamagazine@gmail.com with a pitch, and let's talk!

No more than three submissions per theme (unless you’re submitting photography or artwork). Please include a 40-word biography with your submission. We do not accept previously published work, but we do encourage simultaneous submissions; the struggle is real. Please don't send us submissions via email. They will not get read and it gets pretty hectic.

Please upload your same-category submissions (say, three poems) as ONE submission – this helps us keep track when we delegate and lets us receive more free submissions on Submittable. Of course, if you are submitting two poems and one short story, we understand you need to upload these as separate categories.


Due to financial constraints (and the fact that we can no longer afford to pay out of our own pockets), we are no longer able to offer payment to contributors at this time. For now, we can offer you support, love and attention – both on social media and off it. We also nominate for awards and hope you keep us updated on your writing so we can share it with the world.


It takes us up to three months (maximum) to respond to your submission. Sometimes – most of the time – it won't take us that long. But please give us this time – we receive a lot of submissions and we read in our spare time, on top of full time jobs and families. Thank you for your understanding!

Expedited reading

You have the option of submitting via our paid EXPEDITED category at £3. Paid submissions will receive priority reading over standard submissions, though, of course, this does not guarantee acceptance. Payment received via this category goes towards our yearly Submittable subscription, domain costs, and SquareSpace (website) subscription.